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Treatment Philosophy
I utilize an eclectic therapeutic approach that emphasizes training received in Gestalt Therapy, Experiential and Play Therapy, Contemplative Psychology, Wilderness Therapy, practices involving Compassionate Inquiry, and Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy.

I also attempt to utilize movement when working with young people by stepping outside the office.  As noted by Paul Foxman, PHD "...walking during therapy sessions can facilitate communication as well as model the mental and physical benefits of movement... it can reduce intensity of eye-to-eye contact, loosen up the mind, and contribute to more authentic communication."  Ultimately, its about walking with the client along the path towards health and I do this in both a literal and metaphorical way in my work with clients.

My goal as a counselor is to serve clients in discovering and increased level of awareness, compassion, trust, empathy, patience, and love for self.  In guiding clients in this manner, I believe that they develop the emotional skills and "wise-mind" required to cope with stress and move through life's challenges with more fluidity, confidence, and positivity.  By learning to let go of self-blame and the overbearing internal critique, one discovers other options and possibilities to those impasses that have kept them from moving further along the path of emotional health and mental well-being.  

I am focused on providing therapy that is driven by the needs of the client and provides problem solving and stress reducing skills that they can enact immediately into their lives.  I trust in the client’s innate health and their ability to know what internal resources they need to tap into to work through difficult life situations. I encourage clients to move towards whole health and I do so in a direct and compassionate manner that is grounded in the present moment and a non-judgmental and authentic relationship.       

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson